About MakersPlace

MakersPlace is a platform to discover, collect, and invest in digital artworks. Every art piece available through MakersPlace is authentic and truly unique, signed and issued by the artist. Even if the digital creation is copied, it won't be the authentic and originally signed version. MakersPlace strives to make it possible to limit the number of 'authentic' copies of digital work.

As an artist, you can upload his/her artwork to MakersPlace before sharing it elsewhere, for a 15% cut. An identity verification takes place, and then an Ethereum-based token is generated with your (artist) name, the art’s name, its impression, an edition number, and the date. An Ethereum token name, ID, contract ID, and creator’s ID are then all assigned so there’s a permanent record of authorship.

As an art collector, you can use MakersPlace to find animations, photography, drawings, pixel art, and 3D creations. You can buy the art piece you like by credit card, or with Ether. Purchasing a unique digital creation means you have full ownership over it, which is then transferred and stored in your wallet.

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