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24h trading volume $ 598.35 million
Exchange rank 15
Cryptocurrencies listed 283
Markets 486
Market share 1.08%

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Market 24h volume
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Cryptocurrency Markets
2 Bitcoin BTC
5 Cronos CRO

Top cryptocurrencies by volume

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Cryptocurrency 24h volume
$ 285.36 million
$ 2,027.30
2 Bitcoin BTC
$ 270.74 million
$ 37,770.12
$ 230.34 million
$ 1.00
4 Solana SOL
$ 4.31 million
$ 59.50
$ 937,635.40
$ 0.000120
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About exchange

What is initially had its roots in Hong Kong, with its establishment in June 2016. Later, the Exchange was introduced three years down the line. Presently headquartered in Singapore, the platform has amassed a customer base of over 50 million individuals across more than 90 countries. Its reach extends to regions including Europe, the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, Latin America, and select Asian countries.

What does features does offer? extends a wide array of products to cater to its users, including a mobile app, Visa card, a mobile wallet, Earn, Pay, NFT, and Credit. The centralized exchange (CEX) provides services such as spot trading, margin trading, and derivatives trading. Additionally, delves into the world of DeFi, offering a DeFi wallet and establishing an ecosystem on the chain, powered by its native token, Cronos (CRO).

Who are the exchange founders?

The platform was brought to life in Singapore by co-founders Kris Marszalek, Gary Or, Rafael Melo, and Bobby Bao, originally under the moniker "Monaco." In 2018, the project underwent a transformation, rebranding itself as The operations are managed by Foris DAX Asia, a subsidiary of Foris DAX Markets, Inc.

Kris Marszalek, a seasoned entrepreneur, previously embarked on ventures like Yiyi, a location-based service platform, and Beecrazy, an e-commerce company. He also played a pivotal role in the establishment of Starline Polska, a company specializing in consumer electronics design and manufacturing.

Where is headquartered? Exchange is headquartered in Singapore.

What are exchange restricted countries?

While the App caters to users in 49 states across the United States, it is not available in New York. Globally, the exchange enforces extensive restrictions on certain countries, and a comprehensive list of these can be accessed on the official website.

What are the supported cryptocurrencies in Exchange provides support for an extensive selection of more than 250 digital assets. The platform offers a diverse range of features, including spot trading, futures, and advanced order types, with access to 100 trading pairs and the option to trade using 20 fiat currencies. Prominent cryptocurrencies available on the platform encompass BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, BNB, BUSD, ADA, XRP, SOL, DOGE, MATIC, DAI, SHIB, and many others.

What are exchange fees? 

The fee structure on Exchange is designed in tiers for both spot and margin trading, based on a user's 30-day spot trading volume. For instance, at level 1 (with trading volume below $250K), both maker and taker fees are set at 0.075%. In contrast, at level 5 (for users with $10M or more in trading volume), maker fees drop to 0.00%, while taker fees are fixed at 0.05%.

In the case of derivatives, maker-taker fees are also organized into five levels, contingent on a user's 30-day derivatives trading volume. At level 1 (with trading volume below $1M), maker fees are 0.017%, and taker fees are 0.034%. For level 5 (with $50M or more in trading volume), maker fees decrease to 0.00%, while taker fees are established at 0.026%. Additionally, fees can be further reduced based on CRO token staking, and the platform offers VIP-tiered trading fees for users engaging in varying levels of spot or derivative trading.

Can you do leverage and margin trading on Exchange offers investors the opportunity to employ leverage of up to 10X through margin trading. Margin traders can select from leverage ratios of 3X, 5X, and 10X. For users who stake CRO tokens, preferential interest rates are available, going as low as 0.008% per day. The platform also facilitates the trading of crypto derivatives, including perpetual and futures contracts, with a leverage of up to 100X.

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