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About EURO-BTC exchange

Euro BTC was founded in 2019 by a team of blockchain experts who wanted to take trading with cryptocurrencies to a new level. Each user has their own wallet with their respective currencies. No access by other people like admins etc.

Euro BTC native coin

In order to be able to trade on the Euro-BTC, the exchange has created its own reference coin called EC-Pay, based on ER-C20 tokens. It can be traded between users on their P2P platform at a fixed price. That means 1 Euro is 1 EC-Pay. Thus, the Euro-BTC provides a secure platform for trading with cryptocurrencies without having access to user wallets.

Euro BTC general information

A total of eight cryptocurrencies can currently be traded, ranging from BTC to ETH and LIO. Their platform is also characterized by low listing and trading fees to give new coins the opportunity to be listed on an exchange. The Euro-BTC focuses on trading in Europe, but the P2P solution makes it possible to trade on Euro BTC worldwide.

Euro BTS security

A prerequisite for the complete activation of users on the Euro-BTC is complete verification on their platform with ID and proof of address. The Euro BTC wants to set new masts in terms of security of exchanges through the use of blockchain technology.

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