Cryptocurrency Price Bot for your Telegram community

Enhance your Telegram group activity with our easy to use Price Bot. The bot is customized to your brand and communicates the latest price of your cryptocurrency.

Telegram bot prive image in chat preview

Upsides of the Custom Price Bot


Beautiful crypto images

Generate visual appealing images with the current coin price and chart that are easy to share. International community? The bot supports over 120 Fiat currencies.


Add to any group or chat

You are free to add the Price Bot to an unlimited number of groups or to individuals. Users can interact with the bot one-on-one and in groups with up to 200.000 members.


More group conversations

With every price move, the conversation gets started with sharing the actual crypto price. Facilitate your community with reliable price information from our trustworthy database.


Stronger brand presence

The customized Price Bot contains your logo and brand colors. Build a stronger brand presence and expand the service in your Telegram community.

Crypto communities that already use our bots

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Start creating your Price Bot

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