Coinranking API introduction – extended version

Coinranking API

A few months ago, we gave a brief introduction to our API. Today we’ll tell you a bit more about it.

Our public API will enable you to use the price data of Coinranking. So, let us explain first why we made our API public: The main goal of our team is to build meaningful communities and brands around blockchain technology. Now people can use our data for their own projects concerning blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We want people to be able to use our data to enrich the world of blockchain with their ideas and projects.

Integrate a personalized version of our list

Use our API in order to get the list of coins. You can arrange the list on market cap, prices or change. Choose if you want to see 24 hours, a weekly, or a monthly change. The list can be shown in the valuta you prefer, such as the US dollar, but also Euro, Russian ruble, Japanese yen, Chinese yuan, bitcoins and more. Use and customize our list, so it will fit perfectly for your users.

Get basic coin info

Try to get information about a specific coin and customize the information, by choosing a base currency and the time period of change. It will provide you all the information you need about that specific coin. It’ll give you access to all the information we have about the coin, such as the rank, the price, and the supply. Also, the descriptions or high-quality vector logos are available.

Get historical data

You can use our API to get to all the price information of a coin up until five years ago. Get global stats, total coins, total market cap or 24 hours volume.

Check out our API documentation.

Article based on launch article Coinranking API.

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