What is Luxurious Pro Network Token (LPN)?

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The LPN token aims to be a multi-utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

It was created in 2020. The token is said to be a tool that will revolutionize the way people experience financial services which include Forex and making international transfers.

Key Points

  1. LPNT is based on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-20 protocol.

  2. The token was created to be a multi-utility token for financial transactions across borders

  3. The token project consists of seven ecosystems :

Why Should You Own the LPNT Tokens?


Transactions across the geographical border within 9 seconds.


No cash needed.

Low transaction fees and zero chargebacks

Cost Effective International Transfers.

Safe and reliable

With the Ethereum Blockchain, all transactions are safely guarded and decentralized.

No middle man

No banks and financial institutions involved in transactions and ownership of tokens.


Holders are part of a community of 100,000 and growing active users.


Loyalty points, discounts, promotional offers and affiliate income.

What Services Does LPNT Offer to Users?

Payment gateways

The decentralized payment gateway was introduced to help individuals and businesses to receive payments almost instantly across the world.

The gateway removes the need for intermediaries like the bank as they take a long time to verify payments especially when it is sent across the border.

This also eliminates waiting time over the weekend as crypto transfers can occur seven days a week.

In addition, the payment gateway is also supposedly more secure than bank transactions as it incorporates the use of fraud prevention tools like cryptography, zero data saving and visual cryptogram.

The payment gateway will support commonly used payment methods such as Amazon Pay and PayPal.

Forex trading

The forex trading feature allows users using the MT5 trading platform to trade the LPNT token paired with USD and other fiat currencies. This is excellent for LPNT token holders who also trade forex on the MT5 platform.

Cryptocurrency vault

The LPNT vault is a uniquely designed solution made for gamers. If you’re someone who enjoys digital gaming and casinos, this feature is made for you!

When using LPNT vaults, the player simply has to register and make payments for the gaming fee using the LPNT token. When the game ends, the winners are provided with an encrypted code that is pre-set before the game begins.

Winners can then get access to their winnings using the code.

The vault feature is also going to be incorporated into their trading platforms.

LPNT decentralized wallet

The LPNT aims to be a feature-rich wallet making it multi-purpose. The wallet will protect the users cryptocurrencies using a private key and does this for free unlike a bank.

Key features of the wallet include:

  • Multi-currency and cryptocurrency exchange

  • Zero fees for the wallet

  • Low fees for exchange

  • Supports thousands of cryptocurrencies

  • Open platform for merchant traders - for signing contracts and choosing traders.

  • Staking

  • Custom fees for transactions

To start using the LPN token, simply sign up for the LPN wallet, deposit money and buy, exchange or invest in the LPN token.

Forex Enthusiast Turned Crypto Founder

Satish Moostra is often quoted as the founder of LPN token. According to his biography within the whitepaper, Satish has a long history of starting companies since 2008. His very first venture was in computer education which turned out to be quite a success.

Later, he explored the world of Forex, fund management and finance. The experience in Forex led him to establishing the LPN token in 2020 which has a use-case advantage for Forex traders.

How To Register And Login?

In order to access LPNT’s features, you will need to have an account with LPNT’s official website. To do this :

Step 1

Head to their website and select the Sign Up button located under the login page.

Step 2

Fill out the Sign up form for registration.

Step 3

Click on the Sign Up button to complete registration

Once this is done, you can login by heading to the same website, input your password and username and then click on the Sign in button to enter.

How to buy LPN tokens?

There are several exchanges that allow you to buy the tokens such as :

However, if you wish to buy the token using exchanges such as Binance you will have to go through a DEX (decentralized exchange) to purchase the token as it is not listed on every exchange.

To do this, you may refer to Binance ‘s guide to purchasing LPN tokens.

Final Thoughts On Luxurious Pro Network Token

The Luxurious Pro Network Token caters to individuals looking to own a multi-utility token that has use cases in many different outlets. The team behind the LPN network is working on making the token available to be used in everyday life.

This would mean over time, the token should be developed to be used to purchase basic life necessities such as clothing and food to even real estate.

Currently, the token utility seems to be leaning towards Forex and other financial services like trading. However, according to their roadmap, the team hopes to expand the uses of this token in other planned sections of the ecosystem such as the wallet and vault.

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