Coinranking in the dark (mode)

Coinranking dark theme

You read this blog post, like most you read online, via black text on a white background. Depending on how long you have been fixating on the bright screen, and what time of day it is, reading this article can be painful for your eyes.

After many cries of despair and desperate calls for change, we decided to listen to you, and make a change for Coinranking. We, of course, don’t want to hurt our users any longer.

User’s requests

“I am huge fan of your lovely web app! However, that bright white destroy my eyes ;p I would really appreciate it if you further proceed IMMEDIATELY and add and amazing button that can switch on/off Dark/Light mode. “

“Hi there! Can we get a cool dark theme toggle for this sweet site! ;-)”

Dark theme

Coinranking has a dark theme now! It’s designed to make it more comfortable for the eyes to use Coinranking.

So, life will be easier from now on! No more sleepless nights because of the brights screen, no more squeezing your eyes to check out the prices of cryptocurrencies in the middle of the night. Switch easily to dark mode with this button below in the preferences menu:

Switch easily to dark mode with this button in the preferences menu.
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