Cryptocurrency Prediction Contest: game manual

Prediction Contest: game manual

With Coinranking’s weekly Prediction Contest on Twitter, you can win a prize by predicting the price of varying cryptocurrencies. Every week we choose a new cryptocurrency, which means a new chance to win. The three closest predictions win around $50, $30, or $20 in that particular cryptocurrency!

How it works

Every Friday, we will pick a cryptocurrency (listed on Coinranking and Indacoin) to predict. Then you will have five days, until Wednesday 23:59 UTC, to predict its value at 12.00 UTC the next Friday. The first closest prediction wins, following by the second and third spots. Sponsor Indacoin delivers the price via their app. So if you win, you’ll need to download the app, in order to receive the coins. 🏆

What you have to do

  • Go to Coinranking’s Twitter.
  • Retweet Coinranking’s main tweet of that week’s prediction.
  • NEW: Follow us.
  • Comment (on the main tweet) your price prediction in USD and use the $-sign.


  • The price is according to the Coinranking API database.
  • Our automated system chooses the winners.
  • Bots are not allowed, suspicion is enough for disqualification.
  • 18+ only.
  • The three first closest predictions win.
  • A dispute period of 24 hours after the winner is announced. Any grounded claim on the prize within this period will be granted.
  • Your latest tweet with prediction counts.
  • The first dollar amount in comments counts.
  • Indacoin gives the price via their app.


  • Check first to get an idea of the current price development.
  • Use a decimal point (.) or comma (,) as a separator between the dollars and cents.
  • Do not use interpunction to separate thousands.
  • Only tweet once.
  • See the image below for a good example:


An example of a good prediction and its interpretation
A correct example of a prediction: five dollar, 12 cents and 3 tenths of a cent.


Find out this week’s chosen cryptocurrency and make a prediction yourself!

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