Cryptocurrency Prediction Contest


With our weekly Prediction Contest on Twitter, you can win a prize by predicting the price of varying cryptocurrencies. Every week we choose a new cryptocurrency, which means a new chance to win. The closest prediction win around $50 in crypto.

How it works

Every Friday, we will pick a cryptocurrency, listed on Coinranking, to predict. Then you will have five days, until Wednesday 23:59 UTC, to predict its value at 12.00 UTC the next Friday. The first closest prediction wins. 🏆

What you have to do

  • Go to Coinranking’s Twitter.
  • Retweet Coinranking’s main tweet of that week’s prediction.
  • Follow us.
  • Comment (on the main tweet) your price prediction in USD and use the $-sign.


  • The price is according to the Coinranking API database.
  • Our automated system chooses the winners.
  • 18+ only.
  • The first and closest prediction wins.
  • A dispute period of 24 hours after the winner is announced. Any grounded claim on the prize within this period will be granted.
  • Your latest tweet with prediction counts.
  • The first dollar amount in comments counts.
  • Bots are not allowed, suspicion is enough for disqualification.
  • Suspicion of circumventing rules is also enough to get disqualified.


  • Check first to get an idea of the current price development.
  • Use a decimal point (.) or comma (,) as a separator between the dollars and cents.
  • Do not use interpunction to separate thousands.
  • Only tweet once.
  • See the image below for a good example:


An example of a good prediction and its interpretation
A correct example of a prediction: five dollar, 12 cents and 3 tenths of a cent.


Find out this week’s chosen cryptocurrency and make a prediction yourself!

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