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A NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED PHOTOGRAPH OF ANDY WARHOL. About GREENIE At 28 years old, career photo-journalist Mark Greenberg (@GreenieNFT) worked as the NYC Assignment Editor for the Associated Press. He then went on to photograph the world often alongside his friend Peter Beard. Most notably, while at Beard’s storied Hog Ranch in Kenya for an ABC-TV special, Greenberg was key in facilitating the creation of the famous Beard photograph Night Feeder. In the years following, Greenberg became a two-time best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize-nominated photographer. About PORTRAIT In 1985, Greenberg spent a day with pop art icon Andy Warhol at Warhol’s Factory Studio in Manhattan. Greenberg found Warhol “quiet yet cooperative.” Standing in the same room as the man deemed “The Pope of Pop,” Greenberg was curious to understand how Warhol masterfully created his own legendary image. On a whim, Greenberg thought it might be fun to shoot Warhol holding a sign that stated the obvious. To his delight, Warhol agreed. Mark came ready with marker and paper. Warhol scribbled ‘PORTRAIT,’ studied it, crumpled it up and began again. After the third attempt, Warhol was satisfied. A master of staying in character, standing before his ‘Electric Chair’ artwork, Warhol focused his unwavering, enigmatic gaze on Greenberg’s camera. After shooting about a dozen Kodachromes, they were finished. As Greenberg packed up to leave, he interrupted Warhol’s conversation with members of his old crew and told him it was an honor and a pleasure to work with him. Warhol quietly replied, "Thank you, and I hope you have fun with those images...” UNLOCKABLE CONTENT: The purchase of ‘PORTRAIT’ will unlock the IPFS CID to the full-res file (234mb file, sized at 7,200 x 10,800 or 24x36in at 300dpi) scanned from the original Kodachrome 64 slide.


Token name PORTRAIT
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Issuance blockchain Ethereum
Issuance date March 30, 2021
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